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Campsie Removals provides the highest level of moving service and take every provision to ensure your items are packed, relocated and dropped off in flawless condition. However, it might be worth considering additional removals insurance for your move.

We execute over 3,000 successful moves per year and we are proud of our low claim history. Proper move preparation, our removalist’s training and the team’s extensive experience all contribute to conducting safe and secure moves. As a Mandatory criteria, we and our contractors have public liability insurance (upto$20 million), transit insurance(upto$50,000) & workers compensation insurance. Our insurance covers you in the event of in the insurable event, the excess fee of $500 is payable by You per claim. Please refer to clause 14 in our terms & conditions.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure your goods are kept safe, it is still important to be aware that your belongings may be at risk outside of our control. Similarly, to ensuring your household furniture and items with home and contents insurance, Campsie Removals recommends our customers consider additional comprehensive transit and storage insurance to protect your items whilst being transported or stored by us.

We recommend the following insurer for the insurance

Removals Insurance Australia.

Insure your goods whilst being packed, moved and in storage with a CARTS Removals and Storage Insurance policy.

Removals Insurance Commercial

Commercial Goods & Cargo in Transit Insurance