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Moving Office

Moving an office is not at all tough when you have Campsie Removals at your service. We know what clients may need when they hire us. Office and commercial removal means a drastic productivity loss and also endless hassle. But, when you choose the right company you can be rest assured as we do the proper planning and take steps that guarantee success.

We provide a team leader to all our clients who guides them in the entire process and makes the moving seamless and hassle free. We promote good communication throughout and make sure that you get what you pay for. Moving an office is not at all an easy task. If you are confused and do not know how to get started with your office moving, just call us and get started. We can help you with full step by step process or give you little tips which may be helpful for the moving.

There are many reasons why we are the most reliable office moving company:

  • Proper packaging and care of your office documents. We make sure that your office files and documents do not have to go through the wrath of weather, or any natural or manmade disasters.
  • Expert professionals to guide you in the whole process. We give you all necessary help and tips which can help you move easily.
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden fees and free estimates.
  • Timely office removal so that you can start your work as soon as you relocate and there is no business loss due to moving.
  • As all people have different needs, we offer specialized packages and special services catered to your specific needs.

So, instead of panicking and hiring a company which makes false promises, go for someone like us who knows what special services you may need.

Campsie Removals Services

We’re arguably Campsie’s fastest growing removals company with a rapidly expanding fleet of vehicles and team members…

Moving Home

Moving from a unit, family home or mansion, our team has the experience to help you move with ease - moving house

Moving Office

Complete pack and move options are offered as part of our great professional service. So, you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Mobile Storage

Short or long term we have the most affordable secure storage available for your goods. Campsie Removals Services

Packing & Unpacking

To carry out the safe packaging and in order to keep your goods intact, we make use of the high quality packaging materials.

Our Pricing


1 man and a Truck

Mon-Fri : $60/hour*

Sat-Sun : $70/hour*

* Callout fee Min 2 hours

1 man and truck
(1-2 bedroom)

Mon-Fri : $70/hour*

Sat-Sun : $80/hour*

* Callout fee Min 2 hours

2 men and a truck
(1-2 bedrooms)

Mon-Fri : $90/hour*

Sat-Sun : $100/hour*

* Callout fee Min 2 hours

2 Men and Big truck
(2-5 bedrooms House)

Mon-Fri : $110/hour*

Sat-Sun : $120/hour*

* Callout fee Min 3 hours

3 men and Big Truck
(3-5 Bedrooms)

Mon-Fri : $150/hour*

Sat-Sun : $160/hour*

* Callout fee Min 3 hours

4 Men and Big truck

Mon-Fri : $190/hour*

Sat-Sun : $200/hour*

* Callout fee Min 4 hours